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The Hat:
So this is quite possibly the best design I've ever made; a hat with a detachable pompom! How have you lived without one until now?! The pom pom has a little button on the back that slots neatly into the elasticated hole in the top of the beanie which means you can wear your beanie with any colour pom pom, changing as the mood takes you. You can even wear it without a pom pom if you fancy. The beanie hat can also be worn with the edge turned down for a more 'slouchy' look. Made from a beautifully soft merino wool, this bobble hat is both cosy and super soft.

Orange Chunky Merino Wool Bobble Hat

Pompom colour
  • The Materials:
    The beanie is made from beautifully soft and warm merino wool, and topped with a pom pom made from a mohair mix yarn; 30% mohair 40% acrylic 30% nylon. Deliciously cosy and soft.

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